“India’s focus on increasing ethanol production will erase exportable sugar surplus”


India’s plan to increase ethanol blending with petrol will help in reducing the exportable surplus sugar in two to three years, said the chairman of a large company operating in the sector.

According to the news agency Reuters, addressing a conference at the Santander ISO Datagro New York Sugar & Ethanol, Samir Somaiya, the chairman of Godavari Biorefineries, said, “The government measures such as higher reference prices for sugarcane and ethanol will change production strategies at plants.”

“The sugar industry is responding to the government’s policies and the Biofuel production in India will increase,” he said. This will result in a decrease in sugar production, he said during a presentation at the conference.

India will be exporting around 6 million tonnes of sugar in 2020/21.
India has advanced the target of 20% ethanol blending from 2030 to 2025 recently.

India is increasing ethanol production at the domestic level. And Somaiya does not see a large potential for ethanol imports from countries such as the United States and Brazil.


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