India’s monsoon rains cover entire country; deficit stands at 17 per cent

New Delhi: The Indian Metrological Department said in a bulletin today that with the Southwest Monsoon further advancing into the remaining parts of Rajasthan, it has thus covered entire country on Friday. It has been delayed by four days. The normal date of monsoon covering the whole country is July 15.

Since the monsoon season began on June 1, overall India has received rains 17 per cent less than average.

This year’s delay in monsoon covering India was comparatively less than the delay in onset over Kerala (7 days) and in Mumbai (14 days).

Many regions in the country are receiving deficient rainfall, so if the rains do not pick up, then, India may face drought this year.

Monsoon is crucial for farmers and economic growth in India, and its deficiency makes the situation worse. India’s about 55 per cent arable land is rain-fed, and rain scarcity affects the farm output, and the livelihood of the people rely on them.

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