Indonesia: Bulog assures it has sufficient sugar for June

Jakarta: After importing sugar from India and with the local sugar production, Indonesia has sufficient sugar stock to cater to the domestic need.

Budi Waseso, President Director of the State Logistic Agency (Bulog) said that the country will have 75,000 tons of sugar stock including 50,000 tons of sugar imported from India and 25,000 tons from local suppliers in June.

Out of the 50,000 tons, 21,800 tons is already arrived in the country and remaining will arrive in next week, he said.

Sugar price is rising in Indonesia, and the country is taking all essential steps to lown the sugar rates. Indonesia is facing a shortage of sugar as the lockdown has delayed import of sugar in the country. This is the period when sugar demand is at peak and the government is taking steps to ensure that consumers get sufficient sugar.

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