Indonesia: Bulog to import 2,00,000 tonnes sugar ahead of Ramadan

Jakarta: Ramadan is around the corner in Indonesia, and the state is leaving no stone unturned to stabilize the price. The State Logistics Agency (Bulog) has requested government approval to import 2,00,000 tonnes of sugar to stabilize prices.

Tri Wahyudi, director for operations and public services said that the sugar prices are likely to increase during fasting month when food consumption is higher than the normal days.

Wahyudi said, “We need to import sugar to maintain the demand-supply gap in the market as the sugar production in the country will start after Idul Fitri. We need to import 2,00,000 tonne of sugar to cater our needs till then. Several parties have requested us to import sugar as they fear hike in prices.”

“A proposal has been submitted to the economic minister for consideration,” he further added.

According to the reports, Indonesia is likely to tweak its quality norms to import sugar from India. Usually, the country imports it from Thailand, which is currently struggling with drought and low sugar output. Another major sugar producer Brazil yet not has commenced the option.

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