Indonesia sets target of 5 per cent ethanol blending in three years

Jakarta: Indonesia plans to blend 5% of ethanol made from sugarcane with fuel within the next three years, it said on Wednesday, reports Reuters.

As per the statement issued by the government, the plan has been developed by the Bandung Institute of Technology to mix 5% ethanol made from sugarcane with Pertamina’s 90-octane or higher-octane gasoline. The plan would be implemented in some provinces, starting with the capital Jakarta and in East Java.

The blending would gradually increase to 10% as per the roadmap and could rise to 15% by 2031.

Edi Wibowo, bioenergy director at the energy ministry said the country’s annual production of fuel-grade bioethanol was around 40,000 kilolitres and there is a need to expand ethanol production capacity in the country.


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