Indonesia to import 438,802 tonnes of raw sugar; golden opportunity for India


To maintain the demand-supply gap, Indonesia has issued import permits for 438,802 tonnes of raw sugar for household consumption until May. According to the reports, the sugarcane harvest season in the country is expected to start late, keeping this in mind the decision has been taken.

Indonesia usually starts the season in May, which as per reports is likely to be delayed this year to the end of June. Well, India is at the forefront to encash this export opportunity to Indonesia. Head of the ministry’s food security body, Agung Hendriadi, had earlier stated, “The country may prioritise purchase from India.”

Usually, the country imports it from Thailand, which is currently struggling with drought and low sugar output. Another major sugar producer Brazil yet not has commenced the season. Therefore now Indonesia may move to India to fulfil its domestic need.

Earlier, the country’s agricultural ministry had recommended importing 130,000 tonnes of white sugar.

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