Indonesian sugar industry technical officers embark on advanced training at NSI’s commercial sugar factory

Advance training of the technical officers from Indonesian Sugar Industry commenced at a commercial sugar factory under the watchful eyes of experts from National Sugar Institute, Kanpur. Prof. Narendra Mohan, Director himself took up the task of providing in plant training to them with respect to production of refined sugar with minimum requirement of energy and other inputs.

We are going to provide practical training to the Indonesian team about processing technique, requirement of plant and machinery and ways and means to produce refined sugar of 15-20 ICUMSA units. During the month long training programme idea about latest technology viz. use of sextuple effect evaporators, mechanical vapor re-compressors, falling film evaporators and plate type heat exchangers for sugar melt concentration shall also be given, he said.

The Indonesian Sugar Industry is keen on modernization of their plants and adopt processing techniques as being adopted by the efficient Indian Sugar Units. As a part of the agreement with the Indonesian Sugar Group, during the first phase we are imparting training to the manpower and then necessary technical know how shall be given to them for additions and alternations in processing and plant & machinery by National Sugar Institute. However, if required, more training programmes shall be arranged for other category of staff of Indonesian Sugar Industry.

The practical exposure being given by the National Sugar Institute is going to benefit us a lot and will help in producing superior quality refined sugar and improving the efficiency of sugar factories in Indonesia, said Mr. Hasfi Maulana, Process Manager, Krebet Baru Sugar Factory and Mr. Erich Hariyanto, Mechanical Engineer, Rejo Agung Baru Sugar Factory, Indonesia.


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