Instructions issued to protect sugarcane crop from Grasshopper in Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow, 13th January 2020: Due to the information of locust (Grasshopper) outbreak in Gujarat, Commissioner, Cane and Sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy has issued instructions to all departmental officers and scientists of Sugarcane Research Centers to conduct awareness campaign among farmers to protect the sugarcane crop from these pests in the state.

All the officers and employees have been told to visit the villages continuously and to make the farmers aware and take adequate precautions to thwart the possible attack of the said insect. For this, instructions have been given to distribute pamphlets, handbills and publish pest prevention measures in daily newspapers, write pest prevention measures on the walls of all offices and warehouses and to convey information to all farmers.

Since locusts(Grasshopper)pest attack in large numbers at a time and eats the crop in a very short time, so it is very difficult to save the crop after its invasion, in such a situation, it can be prevented by preparing in advance. locusts(Grasshopper) activity increases in the case of less water, drought and summer. Therefore, this effort of the Cane Development Department is definitely commendable for making farmers aware.

The Cane Commissioner, said that it is necessary to clean the grass on boundary of fields to protect it from locusts, as it lays eggs in the grass. Locusts are afraid of noise. Therefore, in the event of their widespread outbreak, drum, plate etc. should be played so that they run away with fear.


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