IOC’s 2G Ethanol Plant to reach full capacity in few months

New Delhi: Indian Oil Corporation’s (IOC) 2G ethanol plant worth Rs 900 crore is set to reach 100% capacity utilization in a few months from 30% now, said IOC’s Chairman and Managing Director, Shrikant Madhav Vaidya, reported The Hindu Business Line.

During an interaction with journalists from The Hindu Group of publications, Vaidya explained that the feedstock for the bioethanol plant, namely rice husk (parali), is available for collection for approximately 45 days and needs to be stored for the entire year to ensure a steady supply. The plant requires 150,000 tonnes of feedstock annually, and with the collection process now underway, it is poised to reach its full production capacity soon.

Refineries like IOC are mandated to supply petrol with a 20 percent (bio) ethanol blend by 2025. Vaidya disclosed that in October, IOC’s blend comprised 12.5 percent bioethanol, a proportion that will be increased to 15 percent next year, with a gradual progression to the 20 percent target by 2025.

Moreover, a portion of the 2G ethanol produced will be allocated for the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) in collaboration with Lanzajet, a subsidiary of Lanzatech, in which IOC holds a stake.


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