Iran harvests 60,000 tons of sugar beet in last six months


Iran, Tehran: Iran has harvested around 60,000 tons of sugar beet grown over in 1,100 hectares of land and have been sent to the sugar plants, said Peyman Hesadi, the operator of the sugar beet plan of the ministry. According to the news report published in, Advisor to the Agriculture Minister Saeed Saadat said that the ministry is planning to implement the “Cultivation Pattern” that is aimed to improve the agricultural output in the country for the new crop year.

He stated that as per the plan, the unplanned cultivation will be eliminated. Our aim is to ensure 90 per cent food security of the country.
Highlighting the scarcity of the water, he said that out of 125 million tons of agricultural products produced in the country last year, 80 per cent of the food was produced in the agriculture sector.

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