IRCTC to use bagasse for this purpose, sugarcane farmers may also get benefit



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Muzzafarpur: Passengers travelling in train will now get the food in bagasse packet instead of aluminium packet. IRCTC official informed that in the survey conducted by Food and Standard department, a chemical was found in the aluminium packet which may be harmful to health. Also, the container absorbs the bad smell due to the presence of aluminium, whereas if the food would be served in the bagasse packet, such problems may eradicate.

Sugarcane farmers to get a benefit

“Sugarcane farmers will get benefit from the making of bagasse packet. Earlier, farmers used to throw or burn them. But, now the railway will buy it from farmers and make useful”, said IRCTC official.

In the following trains, it will be used:

Bihar Sampark Kranti

Shramjivi Express

Rajdhani Express

Sampurna Kranti Express

Rajesh Kumar, RM, IRCTC said, “Bagasse packets will be introduced in the trains by June. Considering the health of passengers, IRCTC has taken this decision. It will also benefit farmers too.”

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