Israel plans new agricultural waste treatment facility in areas devastated on October 7

Tel Aviv [Israel], May 13 (ANI/TPS): Israel is set to add a new natural waste treatment facility in the south of the country, specifically in the areas near Gaza. To that end, its Ministry of Environmental Protection, as part of its “Green South” initiative, together with the Western Negev Cluster invited entrepreneurs to submit applications for financial support for the establishment of a facility for the treatment of vegetable agricultural waste in the Takuma (Rebirth) region of towns and farms near the border of Gaza.

The Takuma area was devastated in the Hamas October 7 terrorist massacre and this is just one of many plans for the rehabilitation of the region.

The selected firm will receive a grant of up to 40 million Shekels ($10.8 million), but no more than 40% of the investment cost.

The Western Negev is the Osem (grain storehouse) of the State of Israel, and as a result, huge amounts of agricultural waste produced there pile up without care and create a hazard. According to the government’s decisions on strengthening the authorities of the Takuma region, the Western Negev Eshkol prepared for the Eshkol and Sdot Negev regional councils a plan for handling the agricultural waste generated in their area. The program is fully funded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

As part of the program for the treatment of agricultural waste, additional components are promoted, such as terminal facilities for the treatment of agricultural plastic or nylon waste, pruning, pruning management system, subsidies to farmers for the treatment of clean pruning, information, enforcement and more. (ANI/TPS)


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