Israel takes steps to replace grain production lost due to war in Gaza

Tel Aviv [Israel], November 22 (ANI/TPS): In order to prevent grain shortages and to restore Israel’s agriculture, Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture allocated 9 million Shekels (USD 2.5 million) for sowing and harvesting wheat for silage and hay intended for non-living food (fodder).

This is because, following the directives of the military and in the assessments of the situation in the ministry, the grain fields in the areas near Gaza cannot be sown due to the ongoing security situation.

The ministry will grant up to 150 Shekels per dunam (0.22 acres) to the grower. About 60 thousand dunams have already begun to be sown in the heart of the Negev.

Israeli agriculture is in one of the biggest crises it has known since the establishment of the state. (ANI/TPS)



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