It is unlikely to get good prices for sugar, says Nitin Gadkari 


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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari believes the solution to come out of crisis prevailing in the sugar industry is to move away from sugar production towards the production of Ethanol.

“Looking at the huge sugar production, it is unlikely to get good prices for sugar. Therefore, now sugar factories should increase the production of Ethanol and alcohol from sugarcane juice”, said Nitin Gadkari. He praised Kisan Veer Cooperative Sugar Factory for making efforts towards this.

President of Kisan Veer Cooperative Sugar Factory, Madan Bhosale, recently met Nitin Gadkari and discussed various issues related to the sugar industry and drought situation in the state. He also informed him about the experiment conducted by factory ten years ago on B-Heavy molasses, Ethanol, which is said to be first such experiment in the country.

Urging to shift towards alcohol along with Ethanol production, Gadkari said, “In the near future, the use of Ethanol would increase, and it will definitely benefit the farmers. Production of alcohol from sugarcane juice has succeeded in many places. Building new sugar factories is not in the best interest.”



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