JALON’s next generation 3A-EDG molecular sieves for Ethanol Dehydration proving to be the best in the world

Established in 1998, JALON is a world leader in solution-based molecular sieves engineering, specializing in analyzing, manufacturing, and developing a wide spectrum of molecular sieves and its derivative products.

JALON Thailand Co Ltd with its engineering and manufacturing capabilities based out of Thailand is a global company with 22 years specialized experience in the adsorbent industry. The company supplies molecular sieves for all applications in the Oil and Gas Industry including molecular sieves for Ethanol Dehydration.

JALON’s next generation 3A-EDG molecular sieves for Ethanol Dehydration is one of the best in the world due to its higher adsorption capacity and crush strength as compared to our competitors. This molecular sieve has outstanding water adsorption kinetic, negligible ethanol co-adsorption, high mechanical strength, low attrition, and can minimize byproduct formation. Anhydrous ethanol, after dehydration, can be applied in biofuels (direct blending and ETBE production), chemicals, food industry, pharmaceuticals, etc.

jalon reda chemicals
Many Ethanol dehydration Engineering and Operating Companies in India are trusting JALON’s 3A-EDG for all their ethanol dehydration needs.

In India, JALON is pleased to bring 3A-EDG to the customers through the company’s India Partner REDA Chemicals. REDA Chemicals based out of Mumbai with warehousing facilities spread from North to South and East to West, will be JALON’s authorized storage, distribution and selling partner for the Indian market.

Please reach out to himanshu.sharma@Jalonzeolite.com (Mob: 9810502962) and Gajendra.Jain@redachem.com (Mob:7977162224) for more details.


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