Karnataka bans selling of sugarcane to other states

Kolhapur: The sugarcane procurement struggle for sugar mills in Maharashtra is likely to increase as Karnataka has decided to ban cane selling to other states. According to the reports, the decision was taken in a meeting between Karnataka minister C T Ravi and sugar millers. The millers from Maharashtra have decided to oppose the move.

The sugarcane cultivation has been affected following the drought and the recent floods. The situation is the same in Maharashtra. The mills from both states are facing sugarcane scarcity and mills residing on the borders of both states are trying to woo cane cultivators from neighbouring states to ensure enough crushing for the season. Mills from Maharashtra pays high to farmers than that of Karnataka which attracts the cane farmers to Maharashtra. Keeping this in view, the millers from Karnataka had appealed to the state government to intervene. Most of the mills are owned by the politicians, and the decision will affect the farmers as well. The instructions have been given to the district administrations to ensure that sugarcane is not sent to Maharashtra state.

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