Karnataka CM asks officers to gear up ahead of flood

Bengaluru (Karnataka): Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah stated that 2,225 villages and 2,038,334 people in the state are estimated to be affected by floods and landslides each time.

Siddaramaiah instructed the officers to identify the distressed villages and the implementation of permanent relief measures. He directed for immediate settlement of compensation as per SDRF norms for those whose houses and crops were damaged due to rain this year was also mandated.

The Chief Minister took note of the list of pending pension applications in districts and instructed the respective Deputy Commissioners (DC) to settle them within the time limit. He questioned why there were applications beyond the time limit and directed the respective DCs to resolve them. The disposal period of pensions, currently 45 days, will be reduced to 30 days.

In cases of farmer suicides, the Chief Minister instructed DCs to act liberally and provide compensation, helping the families without rejecting applications for minor technical reasons. He emphasized that crores of rupees are paid every month in rent for sub-registrar offices working in private buildings.

Eighty per cent of the state’s population has BPL cards, compared to 40 per cent in Tamil Nadu. According to Niti Aayog, the percentage of people below the poverty line in the state should be less. Ineligible BPL cards should be cancelled and BPL cards should be provided to those who are eligible.

The Chief Minister emphasized that people should not be made to run from pillar to post unnecessarily.

The Chief Minister highlighted better drought management this year. Problematic villages regarding drinking water were identified early, and alternative arrangements were made. 85 crore was spent on drought management transparently, with 783 crore available in the DC’s PD account.

The state has received seven per cent more rainfall this monsoon season, and 225 waterlogged villages have been identified by 1,247 gram panchayats. Task forces have been formed in each gram panchayat, nodal officers were appointed, and mock drills were conducted.

Bounty for crop and house damage should be provided as per SDRF norms. The district administration has been instructed to take precautions to avoid loss of life.

In 27 districts, 177 taluks, and 1,247 gram panchayats identified as prone to heavy rains, task forces should be formed in each place. 20,38,334 people have been identified as prone to frequent floods. Action should be taken to shift people to safer places and provide housing. 2,225 villages and 2,242 care centres have been identified.

A total of 293 TMC of water is stored in all the reservoirs due to good rainfall. This time, 3,714 houses have been damaged in pre-monsoon, and compensation should be provided immediately as per SDRF norms.

The CM emphasized the need for officials to be in close touch with the Meteorological Department. Currently, 3,784 applications under various social security schemes are pending for settlement.

They should be disposed of within 30 days. The state provides pensions to 76 lakh people, the highest in the country. 2 lakh cases are pending in NPCI mapping as directed by the central government.

The respective DCs should check pending pension applications and take immediate action to settle them. Action should be taken to stop pensions immediately after the death of the pensioner.

Delay in providing relief in farmer suicide cases can not be tolerated. 994 families of farmers have been provided compensation out of 1,003 eligible cases verified according to law. The Chief Minister had expressed his displeasure over the delay in compensation in the last meeting. This time, it has been speeded up. He directed that a farmers’ meeting should be held to create awareness and confidence.

The Chief Minister pointed out cases where land is being registered at a price lower than the guidance value and instructed the collection of outstanding royalty. This process is being undertaken for the first time in the last 30 years.

As of March this year, 24,519 such cases amounting to Rs 310 crore are pending. Royalty has to be recovered swiftly, he said.

(Source: ANI)




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