Karnataka: Minister instructs officials to take precautionary measures to prevent any disruptions in electricity supply

Dharwad, Karnataka: District minister Santosh Lad on Wednesday instructed the officials of Hubli Electricity Supply Company (Hescom) and Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) to take steps to curb power supply disruption, reported The Times of India.

He was chairing a meeting of the district electricity supply committee at the deputy commissioner’s office. He said due to scanty rainfall the demand for electricity increased, but that the government is committed to providing adequate electricity to farmers.

Lad noted the surge in electricity demand due to the state’s meager rainfall, particularly for irrigating sugarcane fields. He stressed the importance of educating farmers about the efficient use of electricity. He also emphasized that, even amid a drought, it is crucial to maintain a continuous and adequate power supply for growers.

During a district electricity supply committee meeting at the deputy commissioner’s office, Lad pointed out that a six-hour uninterrupted supply of three-phase electricity is currently provided for sugarcane and paddy farmers, enabling them to meet their irrigation needs. However, he expressed concern about unauthorized electricity connections being used by some farmers for pump sets, which can lead to transformer overloads and potential damage. He urged farmers to obtain connections based on the capacity of transformers and directed Hescom’s vigilance squad to verify and educate farmers regarding this issue.

In addition to these measures, Lad encouraged electricity consumers to report any issues related to power supply through the toll-free helplines, including 1912 and 18004251033. Complaints specifically concerning transformers can be addressed by calling 18004254754.


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