Karnataka: Sugar minister assures electronic weighing machines would be installed at mills

Vijayapura: Allegations of underreporting sugarcane weights by certain sugar factories have prompted the State’s Sugar Minister, Shivananda Patil, to pledge that appropriate actions will be taken against those factories, provided farmers submit complaints with evidence, reported The Hans India.

According to the minister, the government intends to combat this malpractice by installing electronic weighing machines next year.

Minister Patil said this during a discussion with reporters at the Sri Basaveshwara temple in Kuntoji, Muddebiha taluk. He was participating in the preliminary meeting for pontiff Dr. Channaveera Deva’s coronation jubilee. Minister Patil underscored the necessity of ensuring that profits derived from all by-products, including ethanol, produced in sugar factories are equitably shared among farmers.


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