Kazakhstan wants to reduce dependency on imported sugar

Kazakhstan, who is relied on other countries for sugar, wants to reduce its import dependency. The country is mulling over building two sugar plants, which will aid in good sugar production in Kazakhstan. According to the reports, sugar plants will be made in Zhambyl and Pavlodar regions at the cost of 775 million dollars. They will use local raw materials, and it will have a capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year.

Sugar factories belonging to Central Asian Sugar Corporation suspended its activities for several months, which hampered the sugar production. Compared to 2018, sugar output in the country fell 45.4 per cent in the first five months of 2019.

Sugar industry experts feel after the commencement of new plants, it will aid in combating the decline. The plant cost in the Zhambyl is expected to be 208 million dollars, whereas in Pavlodar it will cost 568 million dollars. In the Zhambyl, the plant will get sugar beet from the Chu district.

The average sugar consumption per year in the country is around 5 lakh tonnes, out of which 90 per cent of the domestic market demand is provided by processing imported cane raw sugar and importing ready-made sugar. The country mainly imports sugar from Russia and Belarus.

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