Kenya bans importation of Uganda’s sugarcane


The trucks carrying sugarcane harvested from fields in Uganda are stuck at Kenyan border as the government has banned the entry of sugarcane from their country for crushing.

As many as 100 trucks carrying 6000 tonnes of Sugarcane from Uganda are standing on roads awaiting entry in Kenya. The Kenyan government had last year imposed a ban on import of sugarcane from Uganda but some traders continued the practice. However this year the government has taken a strict stand and blocked the trucks on the border.

The action was initiated after Agriculture Cabinet secretary Peter Munya declared a complete ban on Sugarcane and brown sugar from Uganda.
The ban has affected traders, farmers and transporters from Uganda.
The Sugarcane from Uganda’s Busoga Sub-region districts of Kamuli, Mayuge, Kaliro Iganga, and Busembatia is transported to Kenya for crushing.

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