Kenya: Cash-strapped sugar mills in Kenya focusing on hand sanitisers production


Sugar mills in Kenya are suffering from the financial crisis. But the production of hand sanitisers is helping them to generate some revenue.
As the country is also affected by Coronavirus, so it is a good step by mills to produce hand sanitisers. The demand for hand sanitisers have surged as the consumers are using them to protect them from the outbreak of Covid-19.

Jayanti Patel, chairman of Kenya Sugar Millers Association (Kesma) said, “Since the outbreak of coronavirus the demand for sanitisers has gone up and there was a shortage of the product in the market. The sugar mills stepped in and increased the production of sanitisers.”

According to the media report, some of the millers that are engaged in hand sanitiser production are Muhoroni Sugar Factory, Kibos, Butali, Sony, Chemilil and Nzoia. All the producers are ensuring WHO guidelines while making sanitisers.


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