Kenya: Farmers allege sugar mills are smuggling sugarcane from Uganda


Sugarcane farmers in Kenya’s Busia city alleged that local factories are involved in the smuggling of sugarcane from Uganda. They claim it is being smuggled through the porous Busia border.

Now, sugarcane farmers associations have come forward to raise their voice against this activity. Kenya Association of Sugarcane and Allied Product (Kasap) National General Secretary Peter Odima and Busia Outgrowers Company director Lambert Ogochi urged police to act on this.

Odima suspects foul play in bringing the sugarcane into the country and expressed dissatisfaction over no arrest so far have been made in this regard.

Ogochi said, “Procedures should be followed while importing sugarcane from Uganda. We are not against the cane importation in the country.”

Cane growers in Uganda’sBusoga sub-region are stuck with sugarcane due to low demand from millers. Following the excess sugarcane in the region and no taker of it, there were plans to export unprocessed raw materials to neighbouring Kenya. But, now according to the reports, Uganda’s government opposed to the proposal of export.

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