Kenya: Farmers claim cheap sugar imports continue due to loopholes in Busia


The sugarcane farmers have alleged that the illegal entry of sugar from Busia One Stop Border Post (OSBP) has affected the local markets.

The Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya has already banned the import of sugar from Uganda but the commodity continues to enter the market because of existing loopholes at the OSBP.

The farmers have demanded that the government should take strict steps against those involved in illegal transport of sugar to keep a check on this menace.

Kenya Sugarcane Growers Association (Kesga) has demanded the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officials should increase the security at the border to stop smuggling through Busia border post.

According to the media report, Richard Ogendo, secretary general, Kesga said, “The Busia border has many loopholes that are being used for smuggling sugar into the country. The government should take steps to keep check on these loopholes.”

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