Kenya: Farmers urge to lease sugar mills to reputable investors


Kenya: Sugarcane farmers have urged the government to lease the state-owned sugar companies to the private investors who are capable of reviving the sugar sector. Farmers from Kisumu and Nandi region said that investors should be ready to pump money to run the factories smoothly and profitably.

The government will be leasing the Muhoroni, Chemelil, Nzoia, Sony and Miwani sugar companies to private investors for 25 years.

“The government should lease the sugar company to the investor who can run the company efficiently and can export sugar competing at global level,” said a farmer based in Nandi.

The farmers expressed their opinion during a meeting organized by Muhoroni MP James Koyoo.

Samuel Bonyo, Chairman, Chemelil Outgrowers Company said, “There should not be a monopoly while leasing the mills. There should be healthy competition to choose efficient investors.”

The farmers expressed that the mills should not be leased out to single investors.

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