Kenya: Millers claim no sugar shortage in the country

The sugarcane growers and the millers have alleged that the government is creating an artificial shortage of sugar to give way to import the commodity.

Head of Sugar Directorate Solomon Odera’s claim that the sugar prices had shot up by Sh30 for a 2kg pack has been rejected by the millers stating that the prices have gone down by 13 per cent in December 2019 as compared with December 2018.

Kenya Sugar Company Managing Director Tejveer Rai stated that we find the claim to be untrue and misleading to the Kenyan public. He also said in the statement that in the past 20 days, the sugar prices have gone down by 8 per cent.

Rai alleged that the purported hike in sweetener prices intends to create an artificial scarcity that may lead to the importation of sugar. It will have a severe impact on sugar mill as well as sugarcane farmers.

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