Kenya: Retail sugar prices low due to increase in imports; rates may go up due coronavirus


Nairobi, Kenya: The retail price of sugar has lowered after the import was increased to meet the local deficit in Kenya.

The sugar price had shot up by 30 per cent last month had now reduced by Sh20 to retail at Sh210 for a two-kilo packet. This has given relief to the thousands of persons who are grappling with the increased prices of commodities due to coronavirus pandemic that has stopped supply.

The cost is likely to go up as the coronavirus had impacted the logistics in the country.

As per the media reports, the local production declined due to the poor performance of the sugar mills. The continued closure of Mumias and Kwale sugar factories have created a huge impact on production. The decline in sugarcane production has resulted in mills facing shortage and not running to full to their capacity.


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