Kenya: Sugar imports grew by 88 per cent in February


The reduction in sugarcane production has resulted in an increase in the sugar import in Kenya. The country witnessed 88 per cent hike in the sugar import in the month of February this year as compared with last year during the same period. The sugar has been imported to cater the domestic need of the sugar.

According to the Sugar Directorate, the country imported 51,423 tonnes compared with 27,375 in the last year during the same period. The decline in domestic sugar production and a rise in the demand has led to an increase in the sugar import.

Mumias Sugar, one of the major sugar producer has stopped operations due to the financial crisis. Chemelil mill has also met with same fate. This has resulted in the dip in the domestic sugar production in the country.
Lack of capital, old machinery, political influence and the mismanagement has resulted in the state-owned companies not performing up to the mark.


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