Kenya sugar industry urges government to lift ban on sugarcane import


The Kenya Sugar Manufacturers Association (KESMA) has urged the government to lift the ban on importation of sugarcane as there is not sufficient raw material to operate sugar mills. The Busia sugar Industry is one such mill running at low capacity due to low supply of cane.

In a letter dated August 3, 2020, Jayanti Patel, chairman of KESMA said, “The sugar mills are operating at lower capacity due to less supply of sugarcane and the government should lift the ban on importation of sugarcane so that the mills can operate with full capacity.”

According to the media report, the decrease in the cultivation of cane by the farmers is one of the reasons for a low supply of cane.

Patel said, “The situation is only temporary and once enough cane has been developed and available, importation of the same will be unnecessary. Kindly take the necessary action to boost sugar production for the local market.”

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