Kenya: Sugar millers may face cane shortage


According to the media report, the sugar mills in the country are likely to face a sugarcane shortage for crushing which will result in the shortage of sugar in the upcoming months.

A report by the Agriculture and Food Authority on cane availability states that the millers will face a shortage of 677,584 tonnes of sugarcane by June end.

It was expected that around 5,084,416 tonnes of sugarcane will be available for crushing between December 2020 to June 2021 against the requirement of 5,767,657 tonnes.

The shortage of cane could result in the lack of sugar forcing the country to import the commodity to meet domestic needs.

The poor management, corruption and poor crop husbandry are some of the reasons for the state-owned sugar mills performing poorly.

Taking note of this the government is leasing the five state-owned sugar mills to improve their performance. They are identified as Sony, Muhoroni, Miwani, Nzoia and Chemelil sugar companies.



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