Kenya to curb illegal sugar import to improve domestic production


In order to boost local sugar production, Kenya is planning to stop illegal sugar import from Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan. A task force appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta has released the report recommending barring the local millers from importing sugar from Comesa (Common Market for eastern and Southern Africa).
The report has blamed the excess import resulting in sugar glut causing a slump in local sugar prices.

The report states, “The non-availability of local affordable sugar throughout the nation especially along the porous borders results in seepage of illegal sugar in the country. The sugar is cheaper but hazardous for consumer’s health.”

Kenya is a major importer of sugar from Comesa countries which are duty free and are cheaper than the locally produced sugar and giving incentives for import. The report recommends that the increase in the surveillance is must to curb the smuggling of sugar.

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