Kenya to import 43 per cent of sugar from Uganda


43 per cent of Kenya’s sugar imports will be sourced from Uganda. This comes after both countries resolved their dispute over the commodity. A meeting between both countries was conducted recently headed by Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde from Uganda and Trade Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina from Kenya during which both countries agreed that Uganda will export 90,000 tonnes of the commodity to Kenya after verification of the originality of the sugar.

According to the media report, Kenya entered into a deal in which it allowed Uganda to export its surplus sugar into the country about three years ago. However, Kenya delayed the implementation until late last year when only 20,000 tonnes of the 90,000 tonnes were allowed to be shipped into the country pending verification of the country of origin.

Kenya had stopped importing Ugandan sugar claiming that the country was importing and repackaging sugar before dumping into the country.

However, Uganda dismissed the claims, noting Kenya, which has a huge sugar deficit, was only using the excuse for protectionist purposes.


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