Kolhapur: Guidelines issued for vehicles carrying sugarcane

Kolhapur: As the influx of vehicles transporting sugarcane to factories surges, the traffic branch of the Kolhapur police has implemented traffic diversions and guidelines for these vehicles, with strict enforcement measures against transporters violating the prescribed norms, reported The Times of India.

Nandkumar More, the police inspector of the city traffic branch, highlighted that the sugar crushing season for the year 2023-24 has commenced, prompting the transportation of sugarcane to mills throughout the district via trucks, tractor-trolleys, bullock carts, and similar modes.

In response to the heightened traffic demands, vehicles transporting sugarcane will be permitted to operate during the night, specifically between 10 pm and 6 am, starting from the first week of December until the conclusion of the crushing season. Accordingly, vehicles moving towards Rajaram Sugar factory from Tawde Hotel will take a right turn at Tararani Chowk and then travel to the factory via Dhairyaprasad Chowk, SP Office Chowk, Kasba Bawda main road.

To manage traffic effectively, strict regulations have been imposed, barring any sugarcane transport vehicle—whether empty or loaded—from entering inner city roads, with exceptions made for designated ring roads. The police inspector underscored that action would be taken against vehicles transporting sugarcane if found playing loud music on loudspeakers, emphasizing the importance of mandatory reflectors at the rear end of vehicles and discouraging overloading.

These measures aim to ensure smooth and safe transportation during the sugar-crushing season, prioritizing public safety and adherence to traffic regulations. Violations will be met with appropriate enforcement actions by the authorities.


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