Kumbhi Sugar Mill’s (A Unit Of Balrampur Chini Mills) Appeal To Farmers

Image Credits: aljazeera.com

Dear Farmer brothers,

As you are aware that this year the sugar mill will run for extra one month than that of previous year due to which you may face problems in supplying sugarcane. This year sugar production is surplus in the country as a result the prices of sugar are falling in the market. Due to this mills are facing problem to pay farmers by selling sugar in market. This year again the sugarcane cultivation area has increased due to which there will be excess sugar production in next year.

This will impact on payment to farmers by mills. As a result this year reduce the cultivation of sugarcane crop so that during cane crushing season you will not face problem in sending cane to mills and will not have problems in getting returns from mills. We appeal farmers to take following precautions:-

* The cane sowing season has passed this year and farmers can take up cane sowing after harvesting of wheat crop.

* To retain the productivity of soil follow standard cycle of crops and instead of sugarcane, take cereals cultivation like moong, udad and others.

* Do clear the field by removing weeds or cultivate other crop in that field as sugar mills will not take sugarcane for crushing from fields that are grown with weeds.

* To check the quality of agricultural land and crop, the farmers do submit some part of the crop to mill. During next crushing season without taking into consideration of grade of your field, cane cutting will not take place, nor will be survey registered.

* During registration of survey, please ensure that mill employees register the survey on your name only. Hence it is necessary for you to be present in the field during survey.


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