Kushinagar: Farmers asked to not to sow sugarcane variety 238

Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh: Officials from Triveni Sugar Mill, Ramkola, along with scientists, inspected the 238 varieties of sugarcane crops grown in Bharwalia. This variety had been asked to restrict by scientists and mills due to its disease susceptibility, yet a farmer had planted it. After observing the red rot disease in the sugarcane, scientists advised all farmers in the district not to plant this variety, reported Live Hindustan.

Sugarcane scientist Dr S.K. Pandey from Karnal explained that the disease manifests as a bead-like structure on the underside of the sugarcane leaf, which eventually turns the cane red and dries it out from the inside. Farmers were advised to remove and discard any plants showing these symptoms and instructed the remedies for the same. Dr. Pandey noted that in recent years, farmers have suffered significant losses from planting this variety, which is particularly prone to the disease.


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