Kyrgyzstan slashes sugar imports in 2023

Kyrgyzstan has witnessed a notable reduction in sugar imports during the period of January to October 2023, as reported by the National Statistical Committee. The country imported a total of 41,300 tonnes of sugar within this timeframe, marking a significant decrease compared to the 121,100 tonnes imported during the corresponding months in 2022, reported Akipress.

In terms of monetary value, the import of sugar has seen a substantial decline of 2.7 times, amounting to $28.5 million. On average, the cost of imported sugar stood at $0.7 per kilogram.

The breakdown of sugar imports reveals that Kyrgyzstan engaged with six countries for its sugar supply, with the following quantities imported from each:

Russia: 23,400 tonnes

Pakistan: 6,000 tonnes

India: 4,600 tonnes

Belarus: 3,900 tonnes

Azerbaijan: 2,400 tonnes

Thailand: 800 tonnes


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