Licence issued to set up Micro Brewery in Agra


Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh government, after considering relevant documents, has granted its permission to issue MB-5 licence for setting up a micro brewery in the premises of a restaurant in Agra to manufacture draught beer for serving within the restaurant.

A government order in this regard has been issued asking the Excise Commissioner to take further action. Permission has been given with the condition that the terms and conditions mentioned in the UP Brewery Rules should be complied with strictly.

It is the first permission granted by the state government after promulgation of the UP Brewery Rules-2019 to set up a micro brewery. It will be the first micro brewery to serve nonpasteurised and un-bottled beer or fresh beer in place of pasteurised or bottled beer to the clients.

Setting up micro breweries will not only help in serving quality fresh beer to the clients, but also generate employment, resulting in increase in the state’s revenue.

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