Locust attacks pose a threat in Brazil


Brazil and Argentina are on high alert as the swarm of locusts have initiated an attack on sugarcane and other crops in Paraguay. According to the news report, the locust has already travelled from Paraguay to Argentina and it is feared Brazil and Uruguay could be next.

The crushing season is on in Brazil and the country has asked all the farmers to be prepared to tackle the menace. The swarm has already attacked India. The insects travel at a speed of 150 km per day.

Corrientes borders Brazil and Uruguay and both countries are monitoring the swarm’s movements closely.

In India, to strengthen locust control capabilities, 10 ground spray equipments were imported from Micron, UK, during January, 2020 and 15 equipments in June, 2020. Additional 45 ground spray equipments will reach in the month of July 2020 and Locust Circle Offices have more than 100 ground control equipment by July.

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