Madhya Pradesh aims to boost ethanol production


Indore, Madhya Pradesh: Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Industries Om Prakash Saklecha said that the government plans to increase ethanol blending with petrol. The world is increasing emphasis on manufacturing vehicles that run on biofuels as well as E-vehicles production.

According to the news report published in, he said, “At present, only 8 percent ethanol is blended with petrol, we aim to increase it. Private players are setting up 20 ethanol units in the state. Along with the Central government, Chief Minister is also emphasising to increase ethanol production.”

The central government with an aim to lower the expenditure on foreign exchange has set a target of blending 20 per cent ethanol with petrol by 2025.

With an aim to achieve the ethanol blending target set by the Central government, Madhya Pradesh has boosted its ethanol production. The roadmap for ethanol blending in India 2020-25 was released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 5 this year on the occasion of World Environment Day.

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