Madhya Pradesh: Farmers demand revival of Kailaras Sugar Mill

Bhopal: Hundreds of farmers from the Morena district have come together to revive Morena Mandal Sahkari Shakkar Karkhana. The factory was established in 1973 and closed almost a decade ago.

The Public Asset Management Department (PAM) had floated a tender for ‘Sale of Plant and Machinery of Cooperative Department Sugar Mill’ at Kailaras in Morena in January this year. The lives of around 5000 to 10,000 farmers depend on the sugar mill and the farmers have demanded the revival of the mill instead of selling the material of the mill. The farmers have also agreed to write off the dues on the factory if the government revives it.

According to the news report published in The Times of India, Chief Minister Shivraj Sing Chouhan has asked the tender process to be put on halt and gave chance to revive the sugar mill. The move has been supported by Cooperative minister Arvind Bhadoria, fisheries minister Tulsi Silawat, and PWD minister Gopal Bhargav.

The mill was a lifeline for sugarcane farmers of Kailaras, Joura, and Morena as well as for the farmers from Gwalior, Datia, and Bhind districts.


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