Madhya Pradesh: Rainfall likely to continue till December 3, says Met office

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): The sudden rainfall in Madhya Pradesh ahead of the chilly weather is likely to continue throughout the week, the state Regional Meteorological Centre has predicted the same weather conditions in the state till December 3.

The climate in the state changed after it received rainfall late on Sunday night and it continued intermittently on Monday as well in various parts of the state. Bhopal also remained cloudy and received rainfall intermittently throughout the day.

Meteorologists have said that the change in climate in the state is due to the western disturbance.

“The weather in the entire state has changed due to western disturbance, and it received rainfall. Betul district received the highest rainfall of 40.6mm in the last 24 hours. Similarly, 17 mm rainfall was recorded in Narmadapuram district and 7.4 mm rainfall in the state capital Bhopal,” said Pramendra Kumar, meteorologist, IMD Bhopal.

He also said that there are chances of decrease in the maximum temperature in the state by two to three degree celsius.

“Currently, there are chances of the maximum temperature decreasing by two-three degrees and chances of increase in the minimum temperature. This happens due to western disturbance. In the coming time, another western disturbance in the Himalayan region is likely to arrive on November 30 due to which the rain will continue in the state and it will last till December 3,” the meteorologist added.

Earlier, meteorologist Ashfaq Hussain said that another western disturbance is likely to occur on November 30 as a result of which northern winds would arrive and temperature may record downfall. After that if the temperature drops then the cold is expected to increase in the state. (ANI)


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