Maharajganj: Farmers discontinued cane cultivation after closure of sugar mill

Maharajganj: A farmers’ meeting was organized in Loharpurwa, under the jurisdiction of the Sugar Committee area. Farmers were provided with information about various sugar cane varieties, crop management, pest and disease control in crops, and government-run schemes. Additionally, they were informed about the losses incurred due to the suspension of sugarcane cultivation, according to Assistant Director Om Prakash Gupta urged farmers to take advantage of government-run schemes. He advised all farmers to irrigate their fields and advised method to enhance sugarcane productivity. With the closure of the area’s sugar mill, sugarcane cultivation has ceased. Secretary Bechan Prasad mentioned that nearly 7,000 farmers have abandoned sugarcane cultivation due to the closure of the Farrenda sugar mill.

Sugar Development Inspector Ved Prakash Rathore and Sugar Supervisor Ajay Rai also provided information about government-run schemes, including grants available for sugar cane cultivation. The event was chaired by Seetaram Chaurasiya. Radheshyam Maurya, Ram Kripal, Vikram, Satish Chaurasiya, Ramchandra Sahni, Rajesh, and Girijesh were present during the meeting.


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