Maharajganj: Sugarcane farmers protest after being stopped from taking crops to Nepal

Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh: In a protest against the restriction imposed on taking sugarcane to Nepal near the border in the Rengahiya village, farmers loaded their sugarcane onto bullock carts and staged a sit-in at the border. Despite police efforts to engage with the farmers and address their concerns, the farmers remained adamant, reported Live Hindustan.

The farmers argue that they require funds for various purposes, including the education and marriage expenses of their children. With the sugar mills facing disruptions and the arbitrary allocation of sugarcane to certain mills, they are compelled to sell their produce in Nepal to meet their needs.

The Deputy District Magistrate (SDM) Satyaprakash Mishra, upon receiving information about the incident, arrived at the scene and endeavored to pacify the farmers. He assured them that their issues would be addressed and instructed the responsible authorities at Pipraich Sugar Mill to take stringent measures to resolve their concerns.


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