Maharashtra: CM Shinde urges farmers to boost bamboo plantations citing various benefits including ethanol production

Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde announced that the state is planning bamboo plantations across ten thousand hectares of land as part of its initiative to address climate change. During the inaugural session of the ‘Environmental Sustainability Summit 2024: Harnessing bamboo’s potential for a sustainable tomorrow,’ Shinde emphasized bamboo’s superior ability to absorb carbon dioxide compared to other plants, making it a valuable tool in the fight against climate change.

Shinde elaborated on the strategic placement of bamboo plantations, indicating they will be implemented along highways and the Eastern and Western Expressways in Mumbai. He highlighted the anticipated surge in bamboo demand in the future due to its versatility, serving purposes such as ethanol production, biomass utilization, and contribution to thermal plants. Shinde also pointed out that bamboo cultivation could prove more financially rewarding than sugarcane, given its potential for crafting various household items. Emphasizing the positive impact on both farmers’ financial well-being and environmental conservation, the Chief Minister expressed the intention to provide subsidies for bamboo plantations. He also appealed to farmers to turn to this crop which gives financial stability to the farmers.


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