Maharashtra: Distilleries get nod to continue hand sanitisers production till December


Mumbai: Distilleries in Maharashtra will be able to continue the production of hand sanitisers till December 2020. According to the news report published in The Times of India, foreseeing rise in demand for sanitizers after the lockdown is relaxed, the state FDA last week extended licences till December 31.

With the rise in Coronavirus cases in India, also there is a huge demand of sanitisers to stop the spread of Covid-19. Distilleries in Maharashtra were engaged in the production of hand sanitisers after they got a special nod at the start of the pandemic in March.

In order to prevent the spread of corona, hand sanitisers are used by public, health workers, hospitals etc. Demand of sanitizers is increasing day by day and in order to maintain demand and supply balance, State Government authorities including Excise Commissioners, Cane Commissioners, Drug Controllers as well as District Collectors of various states have been advised to remove any bottlenecks in supply of ethanol/ENA to manufacturers of hand sanitizers and to give permissions /licenses to the applicants including distilleries who intend to manufacture hand sanitizers.

In order to ensure that hand sanitizers are made available to general public and hospitals at a reasonable price, Government has also fixed the Maximum Retail Price of sanitizers.

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