Maharashtra government to study if ethanol can be produced from mahua flowers: Devendra Fadnavis

Nagpur: Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has informed the legislative council that the government will undertake a comprehensive study to assess the feasibility of ethanol production from mahua flowers, reported The Times of India.

Fadnavis made this announcement during a broader discussion concerning reports of a distillery being established in the dry district of Gadchiroli.

The issue was raised by MLC Satyajeet Tambe, who shared insights from his recent visit to Gadchiroli on Sunday. Tambe highlighted the groundbreaking ceremony for a mahua flower-based alcohol distillery in the district and expressed concern about its operation in a dry area where the possession, sale, and consumption of liquor are prohibited by law. He added that the law does allow mahua distillation for household use, but not on a commercial scale.

Fadnavis acknowledged Dr. Abhay Bang’s dissatisfaction with the distillery in Gadchiroli and affirmed the government’s agreement in principle with his stance. However, he also underscored the government’s exploration of avenues to enable tribal communities to generate income from mahua flowers.

Fadnavis elaborated on the concerns raised by Dr. Bang regarding the distillery’s location, emphasizing the need to balance employment opportunities for tribals with social considerations. Fadnavis committed to engaging in discussions with Dr. Bang to find a mutually agreeable solution.

Highlighting the practical challenges of shutting down a business after a groundbreaking ceremony, Fadnavis noted the potential legal repercussions and suggested the importance of seeking an acceptable exit route through constructive dialogue.

In response to MLC Jayant Patil’s suggestion, Fadnavis expressed openness to conducting a study to find the possibility of ethanol production from mahua flowers. Welcoming the idea, he committed to carrying out experiments and even offering subsidies if ethanol production from mahua flowers proved viable.


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