Maharashtra: Hotels resume operation with 33 per cent capacity

Mumbai (Maharashtra), July 8 (ANI): Hotels in Maharashtra on Wednesday resumed their services after the state government allowed them to operate at 33 per cent of their capacity.

However, 67 per cent will still be available for the government to use for quarantine and other purposes as mandated earlier.

Hotels are taking all precaution from sanitising cars to hand baggage of guests, from guiding them to maintain safe distance to make rooms completely hygienic and safe for them. The rooms are being cleaned and sanitised.

In ITC Maratha hotel, lobby and other areas are also being sanitised and kept hygienic as they are key factors along with physical distancing as mandated by the government.

Keenan McKenzie, Hotel Manager, ITC Maratha said, “Anxiety levels are understandably there among the visitors but it is our job to assure them of their safety. While 33 per cent is open for sale and 67 per cent is for quarantine purpose, we are housing them on separate floors. We have identified each floor for guests, which completely reduce the contact between the guests and the quarantined people.”

According to the Union Health Ministry, Maharashtra has reported 217,121 COVID-19 cases including, 89,313 active cases, 118,558 recovered and 9,250 deaths so far. (ANI)

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