Maharashtra likely to produce less sugar this season

Mumbai: Sugar output in Maharashtra is likely to decline by 23% in 2022-23, as per the latest data, reports The Times of India.

The incessant rain from July to August last year affected the cane yield apart from increased pest attacks due to humidity, according to officials. Despite this Maharashtra will be at top of the country in sugar production as Uttar Pradesh is also facing a similar situation.

The officials stated that sugar production in Maharashtra is likely to fall by 32 lakh tons in 2022-23.

Last year sugar output in Maharashtra was 138 lakh tons which was the highest in the state so far. State sugar commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad said that the sugar output in the state is likely to fall to 106 lakh tons in 2022-23.

“The area under cane was not reduced but the excess rain impacted the yield taking it to 80 tons per hectare from 107 tons per hectare,” he said.


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