Maharashtra may miss its ethanol supply target

Pune: Sugar production in Maharashtra and ethanol supply target may witness dip due to a drastic drop in per-hectare cane yield and a reduction in sucrose content in the crop, reports The The Indian Express.

As per the new estimates, the ethanol production during the ethanol supply year (December 2022 to November 2023) will be 127 crore litres, much below the set target of 132 crore litres.

Sugar production in the state is likely to be around 105-106 lakh tonnes as against the previous estimates of 120-22 lakh tonnes.

As of April 10, only six sugar mills, one each in Pune, Solapur, Osmanabad and Beed and two in Jalna are operating and the mills in the state have so far crushed 1,051.30 lakh tonnes to produce 104.88 lakh tonnes of sugar.


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