Maharashtra plans to consider FRP for sugarcane used in jaggery production


Pune: The Maharashtra government is considering a Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) for the sugarcane supplied for jaggery production as the state has witnessed an increase in area under cane cultivation, reports The Hindu Business Line.

Sugar mills in the state have produced 13.728 million tonnes (MT) of sugar by crushing 1,32.031 MT of cane. The experts have stated that the area under cane cultivation is likely to increase during the next crushing season that begins in October this year.

The state government’s Co-operative department has issued instructions to the committee under Sugar Commissioner to consider the proposal to bring jaggery producing units under Sugar (Control) Order, 1966 which provides power to the state government to regulate sugar production and sugar sector by restricting its sale, movement, and quality of the produce.
Based on the recommendations of the Commission for Agriculture Costs and Prices (CACP), the government fixes FRP to ensure that farmers earn profit by selling cane to the sugar mills at that fixed price.

The state government wants to ensure that the farmers selling cane to the jaggery units also get the benefit of the FRP and earn good returns.


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